INVOTEQ for Real Estate

Real Estate & Property Management

Empowering independent landlords and property managers with a comprehensive suite of real estate and property management solutions


Looking for the ultimate solution for managing your real estate and property? Look no further than Landlord station. Our online platform offers a range of tools specifically designed for independent landlords and property managers.

  • Tenant Screening

    Streamline the steps it takes to evaluate a prospective tenant with credit, criminal, eviction, and employment verification evaluations.

  • Document Management & Signing

    Securely organize and store all documents for each tenant and property, starting with a free account of 5GB of upgradable storage. Create, distribute, and execute applications and lease documents virtually.

  • Payment Processing

    Bypass the need for physical checks by taking advantage of LandlordStation’s electronic rent payment option. Landlords can set up monthly or one-time payment requests for their tenants from the Landlord Dashboard. The payment requests are sent to tenants via their individual Tenant Portal, where they can input their credit card, debit card, or ACH information and make a secure payment for rent online.

  • Renters Insurance

    With Sure Renters Insurance, tenants can get coverage for damaged belongings, protection from personal liability if they’re responsible for damage to another’s property, and protection in the event of identity theft.