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The highest quality Pizza shop POS on the planet, period!

Pizza Shop POS

Elevate Your Pizzeria with Invoteq’s Premier Pizza POS System

Streamlined Order Management: Invoteq’s Pizza POS system simplifies your operations, channeling online and app orders directly into your POS. Say goodbye to double entries and hello to instant notifications, ensuring every order is promptly addressed.

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Efficiency

Total Control at Your Fingertips: Effortlessly adjust your online menu, manage pricing, and oversee order flows with Invoteq’s intuitive back-office interface. Tailor your offerings on-the-fly to meet demand, all from a centralized dashboard.

Pizza Kitchen Efficiency
Pizza POS

Innovative Features Tailored for Pizza Businesses

Customization Galore: Offer your customers the ultimate in choice with easy pizza customization. From half-and-half pizzas to an endless array of toppings and special combos, Invoteq handles it all seamlessly, enhancing the customer experience.

Integrated Loyalty Programs: Boost repeat business with Invoteq’s built-in loyalty and gift card programs. Reward your customers whether they shop in-store or online, fostering loyalty and driving sales.

Data-Driven Insights for Your Pizzeria

Leverage Invoteq’s advanced analytics to deep dive into your sales data. From comparing food vs. drink sales to analyzing peak hours, our customized reporting tools offer the insights you need to make informed decisions and skyrocket your pizzeria’s success.

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Automate for Success

Efficient Promotions: Set up automated sale rules for happy hours, special deals, and more with Invoteq. Our system reduces manual input, minimizes errors, and ensures promotions are applied consistently, keeping your customers happy and your operations smooth.

Streamlined Delivery and Kitchen Operations

Optimize Deliveries: Plan the fastest routes and manage delivery zones with Invoteq’s smart mapping tools. Caller-ID integration speeds up order processing, enhancing customer satisfaction with every delivery.

Boost Kitchen Efficiency: The Invoteq Kitchen Display System (KDS) revolutionizes order management, ensuring every pizza is prepared perfectly and on time. Reduce paper waste and eliminate lost orders with digital precision.

Pizza Shop POS

Inventory Management Mastered

Keep a close eye on your ingredients with Invoteq’s comprehensive inventory tracking. From dough to the finest toppings, manage stock levels, calculate recipe costs, and maximize your margins with ease.