INVOTEQ for Bars & Breweries

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Created for Simplicity

Your one stop shop for all things happy hour and beyond.

Inventory management: Keep track of your inventory levels and reorder products as needed to ensure you never run out of what you need.

Employee management:  Manage employee schedules, shift assignments, and time clock punches all in one place.

Sales tracking: Get real-time insights into sales data and trends to help you make informed business decisions.

Customer relationship management: Keep track of customer information and preferences to enhance the customer experience.

Menu management: Easily update and manage your menu, including specials and pricing.

Table management: Keep track of table availability and reservations to streamline seating and service.

Payment processing: Accept a variety of payment methods, including card, cash, and mobile payments.

Reporting: Generate customizable reports to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Marketing: Reach out to customers with targeted email and SMS campaigns.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other systems, such as accounting software and kitchen display systems.