Social Media as SEO?

Search optimization now extends beyond Google. Enter SMO.

SEO and social media can no longer be regarded as entirely separate disciplines.

Today, there’s a significant overlap between the two, and the relationship is multifaceted. Social media and SEO are becoming increasingly intertwined, and brands that understand this fusion will have an advantage in 2020. 

Social media platforms have become search engines in their own right. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with over three billion monthly searches. So, while traditional SEO is built around keywords, the same principles are now being applied to Social Media Optimization (SMO) in the form of hashtags, keywords, and trending phrases.

And, consequently, the increased engagement from your SMO efforts can yield more traditional SEO benefits (e.g. backlinks and SERP real estate). 

There’s also the question of whether social signals (likes, shares, etc.) can directly impact your SEO rankings.

While Google doesn’t officially factor social signals in its search results, the hotly debated topic has been going back and forth since 2010.

So, even if Google hasn’t formally announced it, they may do so in the future. This wouldn’t be shocking, considering that Bing already acknowledges social signals in their ranking algorithm. Furthermore, studies have shown a significant correlation between social engagement and Google rankings. 

SEO and social media now go hand-in-hand. Dissolve the barriers between the two by posting your SEO content on social media, optimizing SEO content for sharing, and cross-promoting your content across both channels. Driving visitors to your social profiles can now be just as worthwhile as boosting organic website traffic.

For some brands, social media is an equally valuable source of new leads and revenue, making ‘social SEO’ a wise priority in 2020. 

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