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I want to thank you for your time, and I hope that this page of information will show you my authenticity and the savings that your business will have using our services.

Imagine what you could buy for your business at the end of the year with the savings of ‘No Processing Fees’.  Or maybe you could take that money as a personal bonus and take your family to a special vacation.

The choices are completely up to you.  Save money now and have a better life, business, later.

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Who Is Joe McKee?

Joe is the CEO of Invoteq. He has a passion for locally owned businesses, which is why he started Invoteq.

With the desire to help businesses grow and save money, Joe is able to leave a footprint in his community.
He loves everything about entrepreneurs and is often asked by local owners to be their mentor. He

Joe has stepped into the arena of motivation, sharing his life experiences with high school students, sales seminars and being guest speaker to a number of podcasts.

Often living on Red Bull and Wildcats basketball, Joe enjoys working with youth sports and a encouraging his twin boys to take big steps in their own world.

A Few Snippets From Joe's Presentations

Some Examples of Credit Card Processing Savings

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$50, 614.01 processed with zero fees

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$41,485.20 processed $1.20 in processing fees.

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$41,170 in processed zero in processing fees

Let's cover the most common asked questions

About Free Processing Fees:

What will customers think?

Most consumers are accustom to paying small fees and often they go unnoticed as fees this small are routinely nothing more than pocket change. In the rare instance, a customer does not want to pay the fee, they always have the option to pay with cash. It truly is a simple program that will save you money one swipe at a time. See the results first hand from a few of our current, more than satisfied customers.

What is a Cash Discount Program?

The Cash Discount Program is a way for you as a merchant to offset some or all of your current merchant service fees without increasing your overall rates. It is a method of implementing a service fee to all customers while giving a discount to those who pay with cash. Therefore your posted rates now become the rate for those who pay with cash. Those customers who pay with cash avoid the services fee and all others will see a line item added to their receipt. It is our proprietary technology that allows this to happen and keeps you within the guidelines of Visa, Mastercard, and processor regulations.

Is this some kind of new program?

No, in fact, it’s been around for decades in Europe and is used across the US in gas stations where a cash discount is offered at the pump. Gas stations have been using this program in the US for over 15 years. Many national, state and local governments including the DMV, Secretary of State, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS implement a Service Fee.

What do I need to do to make sure I’m using this program correctly in my business?

In order to correctly implement a Cash Discount program, you don’t need to change any of your prices – you simply post signage (that we will provide) that states that all transactions now carry a 4% customer service charge. The proprietary technology is provided by INVOTEQ in conjunction with our hardware and processing partners.

However, any consumer who pays with cash will have this fee waived. Your posted prices are your cash prices. Consumers who pay with a method other than cash will see a 4% cash discount fee listed on their receipt at the register. The additional 4% service charge is programmed into your terminal, hence there are no additional steps for you.

I heard that it’s illegal to charge a fee if someone uses a credit card?

Until recently, Visa and MasterCard regulations made it clear merchants could not charge more to a consumer who used a credit card over other methods of payment. As a result of a 2013 lawsuit against the card networks, merchants are now allowed to impose a surcharge in all but 10 states and Puerto Rico. We’ll address the surcharge in the next question below.

However, there has always been a stipulation in the Visa and Mastercard regs that allow for a discount when paying with cash.

While this may seem like an issue of semantics, It’s simply adhering to the wording of the Visa and Mastercard regulations that allow the cash discount program to be implemented.

Here’s the verbiage specific to both Visa and Mastercard Rules and Regulations:

From Mastercard Rules 15 November 2016

5.11.2 Charges to Cardholders
A Merchant must not directly or indirectly require any Cardholder to pay a surcharge or any part of any Merchant discount or any contemporaneous finance charge in connection with a Transaction.

A Merchant may provide a discount to its customers for cash payments.

A Merchant is permitted to charge a fee (such as a bona fide commission, postage, expedited service or convenience fees, and the like) if the fee is imposed on all like transactions regardless of the form of payment used, or as the Corporation has expressly permitted in writing.

From Visa Core Rules and Visa Product and Service Rules – 22 April 2017 Discount Offer – US Region and US Territories In the US Region and a US Territory, a Merchant may request or encourage a Cardholder to use a means of payment other than a Visa

Card or a Visa Card of a different product type (e.g., Visa Classic Card, Visa Traditional Rewards Card, Visa Signature Card) than the Visa Card the consumer initially presents. Except where prohibited by applicable laws or regulations, the Merchant may do so by methods that include, but are not limited to:

Offering the consumer an immediate discount from the Merchant’s list, stated, or standard price, a rebate, a free or discounted product or service, or any other incentive or benefit if the consumer, who initially presents a Visa Card, uses instead another general purpose payment card or another means of payment
Communicating to consumers the reasonably estimated or actual costs incurred by the Merchant when a consumer uses a particular general purpose payment card or means of payment or the relative costs of using different general purpose payment cards or means of payment
(items in bold above are ours and used for emphasis)

Remember, your stated price now carries a 4% Service Fee, so when you someone pays with cash, they are receiving a discount off of your stated price, not an increase when they pay with credit or other means of payment.

Is this the same thing as a Surcharge?

The Surcharge carries with it several stipulations:

Only credit cards may be surcharged – no debit cards
Signage must be posted for at least 30 days prior to implementing a surcharge alerting your clientele
There is a 4% maximum that can be imposed
Surcharging is only allowed in states where the program has not been excluded
With the Cash Discount program, these limitations are not in place, as you are not implementing an additional fee for accepting a credit card, you are providing a discount for those who pay with cash. This is a clear distinction, and one that Visa, Mastercard, and the courts have agreed upon:

In a Cash Discount program, all prices in your store carry a 4% Service Charge. The posted prices are your cash price. Those who pay with cash do not have to pay this fee. This is not a situation where those who pay with a credit card pay more.

As Mitchell Katz, spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, said in May of 2011: The Dodd-Frank law prohibits a payment card network such as Visa “from inhibiting the ability of anyone to provide a discount for payment by cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards,” said Katz. “Neither surcharging, nor a cash discount is illegal.”

Is this a semantics argument? We’ll let you decide, but most importantly, Visa, Mastercard, and the courts allow for this distinction.
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Why don't I just implement the program myself?

When a fee is incorrectly applied to a transaction, any additional fee charged to those consumers using a credit card is labeled a Surcharge and that is expressly forbidden by Visa, Mastercard, and the processing provider without taking very specific steps (see previous question)

The way around this process is to allow us to automate a Cash Discount Program for you which is different than the Surcharge. In the Cash Discount Program you post signage stating that all consumers will now be paying a 4% Service Fee, however for those paying with cash, the fee will be waived. We will automate your equipment so that this fee is automatically added for those customers using any method of payment other than cash (essentially credit cards). While this may sound very similar to the Surcharge Program, it is distinctly different in that everyone is paying an increased fee, but those who pay with cash receive a discount, whereas with the Surcharge program, you are specifically stating that those paying with credit cards will pay more. Most importantly it is aligned with the rules of Visa and Mastercard.

Additionally, you are forbidden by Visa, Mastercard, and the Processor’s rules to profit on a credit card transaction, which could happen if you accidentally charged more than you were being charged by the processor. By utilizing the Cash Discount program, we establish proper pricing for you to ensure you stay within all stated guidelines.
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What if I don't like the Cash Discount Program after a few weeks or months?

If for any reason you wish to discontinue the Cash Discount Program, we will immediately change you back to traditional Interchange Pricing. You will still save a lot of money on your credit card fees by utilizing the INVOTEQ low rate program, which saves business owners on average 72% over the fees your previous processor was charging.
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Why does Invoteq offer the Cash Discount Program?

Since our inception, INVOTEQ has been an advocate acting in the best interest of our merchants, savings our clients millions of dollars each year. The Cash Discount offering creates a path to save our clients even more money each month. With the addition of this program, we have multiple options for our clients to choose from – you choose the savings plan that best suits your business. Ask us about Hybrid options if you’d like to cover some of the costs while charging your clients some but not all of the fees.
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Where Can I learn more?

Here are some links on the topic of the Cash Discount Program, Surcharging, and Visa/Mastercard regulations. They are the opinion of the authors and are independent of INVOTEQ:









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Digital Footprint

We may have shared with you the options of our digital footprint products, to give you an overview they include:

Website Hosting and Design
Building a Five Star Reputation
Advanced Technology
Directory Listings
Social Marketing
Text Marketing
Website Hosting, Design and SEO
Invoteq offers two levels for websites:

  1. Website Hosting and Design
  2. Website Hosting and Design and SEO

You can choose to have a basic presence online to help clients that are looking for your business and searching specifically for your business name to find out more about you.  Or, is you are wanting to get ahead of your competition and compete for the first page of your category there is the SEO option.

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Directory Listings
There are three benefits to directory listings:

  1. It is helpful to those who are searching for your service as it puts your business in different areas to be found.
  2. It creates backlinks to your website, in which Google gives more attention to websites that have backlinks.
  3. It meets your clients where they search, many people have their favorite tool for searching, it makes sure that you are there for the top 25 directories that we will claim for your business.

Reputation Management

We help you take control of your online reputation with our complete packages.  There are three options to ask your clients to leave a review:

  1. They can do a sign in on a table or phone.
  2. Your reps can give them a buisness card.
  3. You can mail them a post card after services.

Your client is directed to a feedback page, those who leave a 4 or 5 star review are asked to copy their review and paste it into one of your directory listing review spots.  Those clients that might leave a 3 star or less are directed to a page that expresses concern over their experience and informs them that a manager will be informed.  The manager is then sent an email about the feedback, but the client is never directed to go to a directory listing.

This process helps build a 5 star review and keeps you in tune with clients that may have not received the experience that you wish to be portrayed by your business.

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Social Media
Love it or hate it, social media is a must for a majority of business types.

  1. It keeps you in front of your clients.
  2. It helps you build a relationship with clients.
  3. A simple way to create backlinks to your website.
  4. Create conversations with potential clients.

But it is time consuming and often overwhelming.  Invoteq social media specialist can help organize and coordinate the top three social medias strategies for you; Instagram, facebook and twitter.

Text Marketing

Often confused with social media, this is a completely different strategy.

How many people do you usually see without a phone within an arms reach?  This is a very direct way to reach your raving fans.

They love your business, they signed up to be a part of your VIP program, they want you to contact them.  Reach your fans about short term specials, to create more activity on a not so busy day or just to thank them for being a fan.

Our text specialist can work with you to create a strategy that will fit your type of business.

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Our Proprietary Tools

They really are our secret.  Our staff stays on the top of technology to make sure that all of Google guidlines are being followed and we are using the best tools to help your business be in the top rankings in the search engines.

  • Everything we do is white hat, we won’t break Google policies.
  • Will involve your participation, but we assure you it is easy and won’t take your time away from running your business.
  • You are going to love the results.