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The challenge of the COVID-19 is changing the way we do business and our communities altogether.

If you are not used to working remotely there are some things that you might want to do to keep yourself motivated and focused.

We know that there are a few things that might distract you from your “normal” production; your spouse, kids, pets and maybe Netflix.

Here are some tips to keep you productive:

  1. Create and stick to a routine.  Get up at your normal time, get dressed, make your bed, keep your mind into its normal productive stage.
  2. Plan and organize the day.  Create a ‘To Do’ list and allot time slots for each task, make sure to include lunch and walks.  A task list will give one a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
  3. A specific workspace.  Have a workspace area that isn’t distracted by other activities going on in the house.
  4. Take regular breaks for physical health and mental health.  Go for a walk or run, do some yoga, take a break to read to the kids, these breaks will help you stay focused and productive.
  5. Stay in touch with others.  Quick virtual team meetings, a short Facebook live time with a friend, some social connection.
If you have kids at home, this could create more organization.  Some tips:
  1. Have a schedule for the kids to follow, too.  Schedule school activities, visit some museums virtually, schedule lunch, breaks and lots of recess.
  2. If possible, split the day with your spouse.  Try to schedule the do not disturb time while your spouse can tend to kids and then switch for some time.  Then do some catch-up time after the kids go to bed.  (Do make sure they are kept on regular bedtime schedule).
  3. Use this time to teach older children life skills, like how to do laundry, cooking, cleaning the garage, etc.
  4. Embrace the chaos.  If kids interrupt an online meeting, everyone will understand, they are all in the same chaos.  Welcome the kids in or address their concerns quickly and move on.
We are all doing our best to navigate this ‘new normal’, the important things to remember would be that we are all in this together and that once we are on the other side we will all be stronger and wiser through the experience.

As we look back at history we see that during hard times, new ideas came to life.

Now that we are all ‘guaranteeing’ it is a great time to take a serious look at your business.  What changes can you make to your business to adjust to these times that can be continued as an additional supplement to your income/business?

Here are some ideas that we have located:
  1. Is there a way to create a ‘membership’ to your business?  Some examples that I found, some obvious might be a wine club, chocolate club or other types of items that can be sent out.  But what if you are a barber or stylist,  could you start a monthly membership that included the hair cut, first priority appointments, a glass of wine/beer, etc..  If you sell jewelry maybe have a membership that included a monthly piece of jewelry sent to client members or first view of new pieces.
  2. DIY options.  We are all home, doing our ‘honey-do list’ and keeping kids occupied.  Is there something in your business that could become a DIY kit?  Are you a pizza restaurant that could sell build your own pizza kits?  Are you a florist that could put together a DIY flower arrangement that includes a diagram of how to do the design?  Are you bakery that could do DIY cookie kits?  Do you offer home decor and you could put together small craft kits, like a DIY decorative frame for a photo that can be taken while families are sitting at home.  Let your thoughts go wild.
  3. Are you able to meet with clients virtually?  Doing consultations virtually? Gym classes are doing online classes, can you do a cooking class or any other type of education time to share your expertise and keep your clients connected with you.  They will be very excited to come and visit you if you are kept fresh on their mind as you help them through this ‘stuck at home’ time.  Can you do a painting class or decorating class – even better pre-sale a DIY kit and then follow up with a virtual class to walk them through how to put their kit together.
  4. Share your expertise with other businesses.  This would be a great time for you to create a course for like businesses.  I read an article about a successful orthodontist that created a training to teach other orthodontists his business practices and he makes as much money from his courses as he does from his practice.  What type of expertise can you share in your industry or an industry like yours?
  5. Keep updates on your social media so your followers will know exactly when you are ready to reopen or if you are just open currently for those who make appointments.  Also, consider sending out emails to update clients and keep in contact with them.  If you need suggestions of email tools, mailchimp has a free option and we always enjoy the support and easy to use process of Constant Contact.  If you need help in this area, our digital director will be happy to help, you can email her at [email protected]
  6. The other great idea is to reach out to your top clients with a handwritten note.  Let them know how much you have appreciated their business in the past and a suggestion or new idea personalized for them once the quarantine is lifted.  They will be honored that you took the time to writ a personal note and be sure to see you soon.
We would love to hear your ideas to share with everyone.  Be strong and creative during this time.