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If you have wondered if texting messaging is appropriate for your business, let us share 4 great ways to reach out to your customers using text messages.

The obvious and easiest usage of text messages is to share a deal or a promotion.  This is a great way to get people into your business on a slow day with a 24 hours special, a gift to the first 25 or have them do something to claim a special.

Build up reviews, a personal way to ask someone to leave you a review on any of your directories.  One would assume that if they took the time to join your VIP club then they already love your business, there shouldn’t be any concerns linking them directly to one of your directory listings that could use a few extra 5 star reviews.

Share a quick tip.  Your customers already see you as an expert, sending a text message that gives a tip and shows that you care about them not only builds the relationship but also is a quick reminder that you are there if they need your service.  Make it easy by sharing a tip from a recent blog post, video or case study that you have already posted.

People like to feel special, so even just a little text wishing them a great day or happy holiday will stand out in their minds.  Marketing is being on the top of mind when your client needs your type of service.

Text messaging is a great marketing strategy because people always have their phones with them and there is a 90% open rate to text messages within three minutes of being sent.

If you would like to talk about strategy options that would benefit your business we invite you to contact our Social Media Analyst, Brian at [email protected] for some great tips.